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About Our Team

  • Kunal Khanna

    Kunal Khanna

    Zeus of the group, found the website while finding his shorts. He zoomes around in his trusty horse while coming up with crazy ideas.
  • Vinod Chitkara

    Vinod Chitkara

    The overlord, cracks his whip from behind the screen. No one has told him about the shorts.
  • Neel Kamal

    Neel Kamal

    The one who helps the Zeus in coding the crazy ideas, without helping him to find his shorts.
  • Prateek Maretha

    Prateek Maretha

    Processes orders and sings Demon to convert fellow workers into Imagine Dragons fans. Just doesn't care about the missing shorts.
  • Charanjeet Singh

    Charanjeet Singh

    Artist and Marketing Expert, moonlights as a famous rockstar. Doesn't need the shorts as he can get one from his fans.
  • Anuj Gupta

    Anuj Gupta

    Anuj Gupta Writes. Just writes. All the nonsense above, for example. (Has no shorts, though.)